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From Stephen Colebourne <scolebou...@joda.org>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Suspend ASF Java development for one week
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2007 10:01:54 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> But, Actions do speak louder than words sometimes [snip]
 > There's not much we can do in response, other than cut
> back on java coding. Accordingly, after I make the next product release 
> tomorrow, I will stop writing a single line of Java code for the rest of 
> august. Because there are other things out there, and the one that 
> interests me has the name Erlang. Time to start the first erlang-related 
> work at apache, I think

This comment, got me thinking... what if the ASF suspended Java 
development for one week (or even a month). It could be either a 
voluntary personal decision by each committer, or more strongly enforced.

It would definitely get press attention, and would be a valid next step 
response from our side. It might also make Sun begin to realise that 
they lose if the ASF walks away from the JCP and Java.

Perhaps the time could be used for the developers not working on Java to 
have a mini-hackathon in Scala or Erlang or Ruby...

Any thoughts?


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