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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: servlet 3.0 (JSR-315)
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 23:36:17 GMT

On Jul 2, 2007, at 7:19 PM, Joe Schaefer wrote:

> "Geir Magnusson Jr." <geir@pobox.com> writes:
>> This clearly isn't one of our finest moments.  It's apparent to me
>> that the group wants to avoid voting yes, and is searching for a
>> reason.  We had a lot of +1s for reasons that even sam seems to have
>> backed away from, and we aren't going to go with the hard-line reason
>> that actually makes logical sense to me. I gave you my best  
>> advice  on
>> what to do, but didn't get very far.
> That's because this isn't how decisions are made at Apache, Geir.

It was today, Joe.

>   Without
> a policy to guide you, you should vote your conscience, as the person
> best armed with all the relevant facts.  We rely on individuals to
> represent the foundation by exercising their own best judgment, and
> give them the tools and support to make that happen.
> If you think it's in the foundation's best interests to cast its  
> vote in
> some other way, then nothing, not even whatever the majority  
> opinion of
> this list happens to be today,  should prevent you from exercising  
> your
> own best judgment.  I fully support your ability to cast a properly
> considered vote on behalf of the ASF, whatever that vote may be.

Thanks for the support, but considering the Sturm and Drang, I went  
with the abstention with the comment :

The ASF has serious reservations about how the JCP operates following  
Sun's refusal to provide the Java SE TCK to the Apache Harmony  
project under terms complaint with the JSPA. Since Sun has not  
responded to the ASF's open Letter on this matter, the ASF is  
currently in the process of formulating a new policy towards the JCP  
(see jcp-open@apache.org) and all future JSRs will be evaluated in  
light of that policy. Since the policy has not yet been finalized,  
the ASF reluctantly abstains from voting at this time.  This is not a  
statement about the technology.

That seemed to have consensus opinion, and I'll note our own new  
Chairman* suggested a "yes" vote wouldn't be appropriate.


*I'll note that I understand that Jim was acting as a member of the  
community, not the Chair of the foundation's BOD, but now that he's  
the new Chair, we get to jerk his chain about this.  After all, we  
did it to greg.

> -- 
> Joe Schaefer

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