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From Jeff Genender <jgenen...@savoirtech.com>
Subject Re: JSR 316: Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Specification
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 02:24:43 GMT

On Jul 3, 2007, at 10:17 PM, "Justin Erenkrantz"  
<justin@erenkrantz.com> wrote:

> On 7/3/07, William A. Rowe, Jr. <wrowe@rowe-clan.net> wrote:
>> I completely concur that only Geir could make the decision based on
>> several different points of view expressed over 24-48 hours, and only
>> Jeff will be in a position to make a decision on JSR 316 under the
>> advice and suggestions he sees on this thread.
> I don't think that's quite accurate.  AIUI, the votes are cast by the
> JCP Executive Committee (of which Geir is the ASF's representative) -
> not by proposed Expert Groups.  So, the responsibility for the
> decision is with Geir - not Jeff.  If I'm wrong, *please* correct me.
> -- justin

Certainly very possible ;-)  I just believe that when this is voted as  
a JSR, I will hopefully be the Apache guy ;-)

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