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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@buni.org>
Subject Re: Polls vs Votes
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2007 00:45:29 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoliver@buni.org> writes:
> Sorry, s/we exactly/we did exactly/.  Here's an excerpt of the
> text:
>   "Since Sun has not  responded to the ASF's open Letter
>   on this matter, the ASF is  currently in the process of formulating a new
>   policy towards the JCP  (see jcp-open@apache.org) and all future JSRs will be
>   evaluated in  light of that policy. Since the policy has not yet been
>   finalized,  the ASF reluctantly abstains from voting at this time."
> IOW, without a new policy, we don't know how to exercise
> our vote other than "abstain".  That's what I meang by 
> "lacking direction".

Thank you that is much clearer :-)

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