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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Are proprietary TCK's compatible with open standards?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 23:46:46 GMT
We need to find a way forward, a way that breaks the JCP loose from the 
"corrupting"[1] influences that so evidently drive it today.  So in the 
spirit of brainstorming, I'm forwarding on to this mailing list a notion 
expressed by Dalibor Topic[2]:

     "Proprietary software should not be allowed to be tied in as a
     fundamental part of an open standard in any form."

     "It doesn't matter if such software comes from IBM, Sun, Oracle,
     BEA, Red Hat, Google, Nokia, or someone else. It doesn't really
     matter what the restrictions are, either."

     "If the TCK is proprietary, a JSR needs to be voted down, until it
     is resubmitted with that bug fixed."

My initial thoughts: is this step necessary?  No, not if there are 
viable other alternatives.  Is this sufficient?  Actually, yes.  It 
would neatly solve both the FOU and NDA issues.  It has the added 
benefit of addressing the behavior as opposed to the person.

So, given that pretty much every idea is being shot down, I for one 
could support a policy built around such this notion.

What do others think?

- Sam Ruby

[1] I'm using the word "corrupt" in precisely the sense that Larry 
Lessig used it here:



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