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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JSR 291 - public review
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 07:59:13 GMT
Hi guys,

personally I have no issue with the fact that someone is "not" trying
to re-invent the wheel
in a JSR and is referring to an existing and working specification
that is actually implemented.
In this particular sense JSR-291 makes sense to me (especially over JSR-277).

Anyhow, I think "rubber stamping" in JCP is not that simple, since
there will be a need for
the Reference Implementation that passes the TCK later on in the
process and at least
the latter will certainly not be something that the JSR-291 EG can
just refer to with a link.

So generally, I am not opposed to "wrap" an existing standard into the formal
requirements (RI, TCK)  of a JSR and in the special case of the
"Module-Business ;)"
I am actually in favor of it.


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