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From Geir Magnusson Jr <ge...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Apache Representative(s) for JSR-299 (Web Beans)
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 10:32:26 GMT

Craig McClanahan wrote:
> Gavin King of JBoss (now Red Hat) recently submitted JSR-299[1] to the Java
> Community Process, to unify the component and annotation models around
> JavaServer Faces and EJB3, including some notions around using EJB session
> beans to represent conversational state.  From a Sun perspective, current
> plans are that I'm going to be the Sun rep on this expert group, but there
> are two Shale (and MyFaces and Struts) committers that have expressed
> interest in being ASF's representatives on this JSR.

Great.  Lets send both.  If Gavin lets both on, super.  Otherwise, we'll
call them 'primary' and 'backup' and let them figure out how they want
to share the role.

> I had suggested to them that this sort of thing gets discussed here (jcp AT
> apache.org), and Matthias (at least) had sent a separate message to the
> list
> that is probably hung up in a moderation queue somewhere, so it seems
> quickest to have me submit this message, and cc Matthias and James (who are
> not ASF members).

Doesn't really matter as long as we know who they are, no one protests,
they understand that they are representing the ASF, both in our
technical interests as well as our community and working model.  (I.e. -
push for openness and transparency....)

Given that Gavin groks open source, I'm hoping he decides (or can be
persuaded) to run the EG in a transparent manner similar to an OSS project.

> How do we formally appoint representatives to JSRs?  Is anyone else here
> also interested in JSR 299?  Are we OK with having non-members as EG reps?
> Would such people have to sign any of the non-disclosure paperwork in order
> to become involved?

What I usually do is send a 'heads up' note to the PMO so they know that
these people are representing the ASF (the PMO generally understands
that people just can't claim that w/o us knowing) and then let the poor
suckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H valiant representatives of the glorious open
source revolution who volunteered deal with their paperwork.

If others are interested, we deal with it in one of two ways - either
try to get them to be able to be on the EG mail list and participate in
con calls, or if that fails (it's spec lead's discretion), we setup an
internal mail list for discussion related to that JSR.

> Reminder:  Matthias and James are not subscribed to this list, so include
> them as cc's if we want them to be aware of conversations.

At the minimum, I think they should sign the NDA (as participation as
ASF reps is under the cover of our signing the JSPA) and second, they
should join this list :)


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