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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: NDA requirements
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:34:32 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
> Brett Porter wrote:

>> a) are non-members whose employer has signed the JSPA required to sign
>> an individual NDA? (specifically, Steve has raised this with regards to
>> HP - note that HP is not on the 277 EG itself though)
> Yes.  I'm sure that someone better versed in law will put this better, 
> but any arrangements between Sun, HP and Steve (in whatever order) have 
> nothing to do with arrangements between Sun, ASF and Steve.  It's not 
> like a drivers license or something, for which states grant reciprocal 
> recognition.  It's not done for gun permits, for some reason... :)
>> b) if members of a) are required to sign an NDA, are Sun employees any
>> exception to this?
> That's a great question, and I still think the answer is yes, because we 
> have no visibility or reliance on arrangements between Sun and its 
> employees.
> TO me, the cleanest approach is to ask everyone to sign the NDA.  It was 
> written deliberately to be as simple and loose as possible because we're 
> just trying to demonstrate responsible oversight, rather than try and 
> hose people with stupid process.  If Steve has a problem, and has a 
> suggestion to make it even simpler or looser, I'm certainly all ears...

It's probably best I steer clear of conflicting NDAs, because that only 
complicates my life, as does talking to lawyers.

If that means staying off the 277 list until I do sit down and talk to 
the legal dept, then so be it.


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