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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <ge...@apache.org>
Subject Re: About joining JSR 279 and 280
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 18:43:07 GMT

On Nov 21, 2005, at 7:49 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Nov 20, 2005, at 5:15 PM, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>> On Nov 20, 2005, at 5:40 PM, Brett Porter wrote:
>>>> Sometimes we're invited to be a part, and I say yes and be the   
>>>> placeholder to let things move forward, and when someone shows  
>>>> up,  that person becomes the rep.  When someone indicates they  
>>>> want to be  a  part of a JSR, I notify the JCP that the ASF will  
>>>> be on the EG,  and the person that indicated they wished to  
>>>> participate is the rep.   There's paperwork that people have to  
>>>> go through, and me being the  placeholder doesn't put any work  
>>>> on me, but just lets the JCP wheels  turn faster for us.
>>> Ok, this clearly isn't what happened with 277. If it is just a  
>>> one off
>>> as you've suggested, then that's fine - I just want to make sure  
>>> we're
>>> learning some lessons and are set up correctly so it doesn't  
>>> happen again.
>> 277 was, IMO, a one off, one we won't repeat.
> Another one off to mention is JEE 5.  I have been asking to be on  
> that since July and only since this discussion got going have I  
> seen any progress.  At the same time, I asked about EJB 3 since one  
> of the co-spec leads asked me to join to replace our dormant  
> representative Jeremy Boynes, and again I have only seen progress  
> since these resent discussions got going.  EJB 3 is a different  
> case, since we had a rep that went dormant, but it is a similar  
> problem because Geir is the only one that can make the change.  My  
> participation in EJB has become some sort of internal Sun issue,  
> but I really don't know where it stands since all of that  
> administrative communication is private.

There have been updates.  I really don't want to hash this out here,  
but I'll note that your attitude towards the ASF has changed in a  
very positive way very recently (something on the order of 180 degrees).


Geir Magnusson Jr                                  +1-203-665-6437

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