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From Brett Porter <br...@apache.org>
Subject Re: About joining JSR 279 and 280
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 00:00:23 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> If there is someone that wants to do things, then there is no need  for 
> placeholder.  However, I'll certainly continue to do that if we  don't 
> have volunteer.  I do agree that I can do a better job in  publicizing, 
> and will.

Sounds good.

> Brett, I have no doubt that you represent the ASF, and not Maven, and  
> currently there aren't any issues surrounding this.  Just know that  the 
> JCP is an *awfully* political place, so be prepared for crap,  
> especially since both you and Jason are such significant members of  the 
> Maven project *and* significant employees of Mergere.  People  always 
> seem to jump to the worst of a set of conclusions when there's  doubt, 
> so be aware.

I understand. I had hoped the ASF would be a safehaven from that sort of 
crap, and I guess I misinterpreted what you were saying as "what some 
people might think", to what you actually thought.

It's important to me personally that not only am I seen to do the right 
thing by the ASF, but that I actually do that. In that way, hopefully, 
there can be no doubt when it comes to drawing conclusions.

> I certainly had an interest in participation, and still have that  
> interest.  However, as VP of the JCP, I would never put myself first  
> though, and I'm actually insulted that you would think that.
 > ...
> What was my intention?

This read back too strongly. I felt that you had intended to put 
yourself as the EG representative, and let others go through you to 
communicate with the group. I never meant to imply you would stop others 
from participating deliberately. I'm just naturally concerned that if 
that was how things were going to operate, that it is not workable.

Thanks for clarifying it - I certainly take your word that it wasn't 
your intention, and I apologise for causing any insult.

> Thanks - it should be no problem.   I am excited about this interest,  
> and lookforward to moving forward and refining things.


>> I appreciate the vote of confidence. I thought you were still on the
>> list, at least in ability to read the messages?
> I have to check. My understanding is that I was cut off, and that it  
> was all Brett, all the time :)

If you aren't inundated with messages, then you were cut off:)

They didn't seem to mind that as a first step, so maybe we can enable 
that again.

>> I do think any future rep would need to be getting involved in  
>> advance, and able to at least read the list and discuss internally.  
>> I'm happy to follow up with the lead as the current rep if you  think 
>> that is best. I think it might be better to see if we can do  
>> something JCP wide, if at all possible. Again, just let me know how  I 
>> can help.
> Oh, I think that it would be a horror show to switch reps :)  I'm  
> really annoyed with Sun about not letting multiple people on, but  this 
> is the prerogative of the spec lead.
> Also, I don't understand.  What do you mean "JCP wide"?

As I understand it, there is a governing body for the JCP as a whole. I 
know Apache has done a lot of good work in opening that up. Maybe it is 
a topic we can continue to take up at that level rather than attacking 
each spec that comes along?

> Yep, although that one of my missions as EC rep is to help keep  
> pounding wedges into the JCP to open it up.  I'd want to try to get  
> those multiple people on the EG as our first try if we had that  
> situation...

Sure, let us know if you need more hammers.


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