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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Download area for resources under non-ASL license?
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2016 20:52:28 GMT

On 4/26/16, 12:51 PM, "Martin Desruisseaux"
<martin.desruisseaux@geomatys.com> wrote:

>Le 26/04/16 17:46, Alex Harui a écrit :
>> Right now, the project I work on is discussing doing something similar
>> keeping a set of patches and applying them as part of the build.
>> But if you snoop around other project mailing lists, I believe you will
>> see mention of a "deps" folder where non-ASF stuff often ends up.  The
>> project I work on doesn't use that, but I believe that the contents of
>> "deps" are typically not modified.  IMO, the only issue with
>> would be making it clear to the general public the terms of such
>> modifications.
>Is this "deps" folder specific to each project, or does is there some
>foundation-wide folder for this kind of resources?

My understanding is that it is a folder in a project repo and not ASF-wide.

>Just for setting the context: the case of the resources for which I'm
>looking for a home is particular, in that its Terms Of Use contain a
>clause which enumerates precisely which kinds of changes are allowed.
>Those resources are not software, but data (which is why I didn't called
>them "dependency"). I don't know if many other Apache projects depend as
>strongly on a particular set of data, but I suspect that this use case
>may happen more often in the future if the Foundation hosts an
>increasing amount of projects on topic like geospatial, medicine, etc.

Some projects already offer options for spell checker dictionaries some of
which have incompatible licenses.  The difference that I see with your
case is modification of that external data set.  But others who see more
projects can probably answer better than me.


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