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From Jochen Theodorou <blackd...@gmx.org>
Subject Re: git and deleting branches
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2015 13:35:48 GMT
On 11.11.2015 13:43, Sam Ruby wrote:
> In a nutshell: with git, a single SHA-1 hash is all that is required
> to ensure that you are looking at the right contents and ensure that
> you have the complete version history of the contents.  These hashes
> are immutable and survive pushes, fetches, and pulls.  Tags and
> branches don't have these properties.

In my understanding the hash may not survive garbage collection though - 
that is if there is no tag or branch associated with that hash.

> The one piece of metadata that we care about that isn't captured by
> git is the identity of the authenticated pusher.  That would
> correspond in SVN to the committer, for which the longstanding ASF
> policy requires an ICLA to be on file.  What git refers to as the
> committer may turn out only to be what the ASF refers to as a
> contributor.  This identify of the person doing the push would need to
> be stored outside of the version history (which, after all is
> immutable).  Currently this is done with in push logs, but that
> requires all pushes to be done to ASF hosted infrastructure.  This
> requirement turns out to be unenforceable and easily defeated -- in
> fact, ironically the more we tighten the rules for usage of the ASF
> clone of the repository the more we drive people to collaborate
> elsewhere and only push the final results to the ASF repository.
> What we are currently exploring isn't that implementation, but the
> requirements for such an implementation.

I do understand that... and I find that a fault in git, though I can 
understand from the database nature and the immutability of hashes as of 
why that is. And I do find it annoying to not to be able to merge pull 
requests on github using the web page and a couple of other things...

But the case we started with is not a contribution pushed by a 
committer. This is about deleting branches, possible history loss 
associated with that action and those actions being not possible right 
now and some projects getting problems with that.

bye Jochen

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