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From Marvin Humphrey <mar...@rectangular.com>
Subject Re: Release Distribution Policy
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2015 21:10:13 GMT
On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 6:14 AM, Joseph Schaefer
<joe_schaefer@yahoo.com.invalid> wrote:
> +1 thanks for doing the heavy lifting Marvin!

Thanks Joe!

I'm relieved that the introduction of this draft has not drawn as much
debate as the Release Policy draft on legal-discuss@apache did.  Still, I'm
hoping that we can get David a little more community help with review.

The challenge of reviewing this document is that it's hard to tell what might
be missing.  I believe I was thorough enough, and the process of distillation
is captured in the commit history: I first copied in relevant passages from
the source documents, then applied my own wordsmithing as necessary.

Only in a few cases did I make judgment calls about policy content (as opposed
to language).

*   https://github.com/rectang/asfpolicy/commit/3a44dade0642b0ec03b7becfbe
*   https://github.com/rectang/asfpolicy/commit/79353d0c8552fbce3ea05a6b44
*   https://github.com/rectang/asfpolicy/commit/1f8886348e337d26cf4bf631ab
*   MD5 sums "must look like the output of md5sum" according to
    http://www.apache.org/dev/release-publishing.html#distribution_dist MD5
    but this is not standardized -- it's a "SHOULD" at best.  I never added
    this rule to the draft.

Another item of note is that while this document has a section on Maven, it is
not intended to communicate all requirements for distribution via
repository.apache.org.  The scope is effectively "all policy you need to know
for distribution through www.apach.org/dist".

Marvin Humphrey

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