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From Richard Downer <rich...@apache.org>
Subject CI building pull requests, like Buildhive
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2014 10:09:17 GMT

Brooklyn (incubating) have been looking at the Buildhive[1] service
and we are wondering if it is possible to integrate this service, or a
similar one, into our Apache infrastructure. I've provided a short
description below for those who are not familiar with it. We used to
run this service prior to entering the incubator and we are missing

We'd like to know if the Apache infrastructure supports anything like
this - either Buildhive itself or a similar service.

A search through the Apache archives reveals that jclouds is using
Buildhive extensively, although I am aware that jclouds'
infrastructure setup is somewhat atypical for an Apache/GitHub-style
project. I could not find any other project referring to this tool in
either the mail-archives or JIRA, so I am assuming that jclouds is the
only user.

As an alternative to the external Buildhive service, there is also a
Jenkins plugin[2]. I haven't tried this myself so I don't know how
effective it is, but it may be worth a trial if it's preferred to keep
these kinds of services internal. A search of the archives did not
confirm if any Apache project is using this, either.

What is Apache's experiences with this kind of service?


Buildhive is a service that uses GitHub hooks to detect when a pull
request is issued. It causes the code in the PR to be sent to a
Jenkins instance for a build; Buildhive will then post a comment on
the PR to say if the build succeeded or not.

This provides an early warning, both for the contributor and the
committers, if a particular contribution is likely to break the build.

As these kinds of services generally want to use GitHub hooks, which
requires the repository organisation owner to install, it would need
the infrastructure team's help to set it up.



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