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From Daan Hoogland <daan.hoogl...@gmail.com>
Subject use of github
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 07:48:00 GMT
H infra,

At cloudstack a discussion has been going on a while to move our
review process from the review board to github, using the github
The idea is to comment and review on github and to download and apply
patches to wip. The sync would then automagically close the pull
requests at github as it would recognize the commit ids. roumour has
it (on our list) that some projects are allready working this way. Is
that correct?
If we go that way we don't want to have two issue DBs and two wikis so
we would want to close those github features. Can we/you?
And can we redirect any functionality for issues and pages to the
project jira and - confluence? Or maybe to a more markup/-down
supportive system.

kind regards,

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