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From Marvin Humphrey <mar...@rectangular.com>
Subject GitHub pull request comments
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 12:47:32 GMT

It seems to me that multiple projects would appreciate being able to use
GitHub's interface for commenting on pull requests as a channel for dev
discussions.  Would it be feasible to capture pull request comments via the
GitHub API and shunt them to Apache dev lists **with no information loss**?
If so could we bless pull request comments as an official channel?


    The Pull Request API allows you to list, view, edit, create, and even
    merge pull requests. Comments on pull requests can be managed via the
    Issue Comments API.


    The Issue Comments API supports listing, viewing, editing, and creating
    comments on issues and pull requests.

The experience could be not unlike many Apache dev lists today which are 90%
JIRA notifications (for better or worse).

I suppose the slippery slope here leads to asking Infra to support GitHub's
issue tracking in addition to JIRA and Bugzilla, and then eventually
integration with all aspects of the GitHub development experience.  I'd prefer
to limit the scope of this thread to pull request comments, but the
possibility of getting sucked in has to be acknowledged.

I reckon we could scare up enough volunteer developer energy from various
projects to make the pull request hooks happen now, but long term maintenance
costs would probably fall on Infra, which is obviously a concern.

Marvin Humphrey

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