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From Tony Stevenson <t...@pc-tony.com>
Subject Re: Git experts out there: help with Usergrid Git import?
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 12:54:26 GMT
CC += jfarrell, for improved visibility.


Why are you firing off all these queries?  Here, IRC, etc? 
The issue was only opened yesterday at 19:19  - I updated it some 2 hours later, and it is
now pending someone else with more experience to pick it up and comment. 

Please, just give us a chance to get to it as soon as we can.  

It doesn’t make us feel particularly good when we are being chased quite so quickly after
a new issue, and a non-blocker (I downgraded it, thought INFRA tends to use these less that
projects do, for us a blocker is things like system down, we’re being hacked right now,

Someone will reply as soon as they can.   

On 21 Nov 2013, at 12:48, Dave <snoopdave@gmail.com> wrote:

> Can anybody please offer some advice on this problem with the Apache
> Usergrid Git repo? It appears that some pre-receive hook that we added is
> not happy with my push but is unable to return a useful error message:
>     https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-7018
> Is there any documentation out there for how to import an existing Git repo
> into Apache's Git?
> Thanks,
> Dave


Tony Stevenson



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