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From Tony Stevenson <t...@pc-tony.com>
Subject Re: Data question
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 06:13:43 GMT

Some of this information won't be so easy to get.  For example we cannot tell you how many
downloads each project has had, as almost all of that data is held locally by the mirrors
and we don't currently collect it.

Other data is a little easier to collect, but I'm afraid some of it is likely considered personal
data, so we'd almost certainly not release it to a 3rd party. This is mostly because the data
you have already found is constructed from other data, which is interspersed with some personal
data. A lot of the data will unfortunately be stored within the SVN history. However I suspect
a lot of it will not be contained within the public repo, though clearly some of it will be.

The only way I can be more helpful to you, I think, is to ask you to give us some specific
requests for data and I can let you know if we can either get that data, and if we are able
to distribute it.  I realise this may not be as helpful as you want, but we are prudent about
releasing data. 

On 22 Oct 2013, at 03:03, Steven Lloyd Wilson <slwilson4@wisc.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> I first emailed the media contact with Apache and he recommended that I resend to this
list, with a somewhat unorthodox request for information/direction.
> I'm a PhD student writing a dissertation on the effects of the Internet on politics around
the world. One of the variables that I'm looking at is how technically literate the populations
of different countries are. The way I'm measuring this is through a variety of sources getting
at open source downloads, usage of open source software, etc.
> I've found some excellent information on Apache's site, including the map of where contributors
are located, so I think that somewhere behind the scenes should be the specific data that
I'm looking for: the numbers of download for each project, number of contributors, number
of mirrors, etc. by year and country, since the start of the Apache Foundation.
> Could you point me in the right direction on this matter?
> Thanks!
> Steven Wilson
> PhD Candidate in Political Science
> University of Wisconsin-Madison


Tony Stevenson



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