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From Leif Hedstrom <zw...@apache.org>
Subject Hosting our Sphinx docs on apache.org
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 19:27:37 GMT

we've started moving all our docs into a Sphinx format, and currently it's being hosted on
Readthedocs.com. I think this would be much better served out of Apache infrastructure, and
I was hoping we could get the ball rolling on this asap

 I don't know how much effort is evolved, but a a minimum we need automated docs updates (ideally
triggered from git commits) and support for multiple versions of the docs (from our git branches,
so easily managed). I'd be willing to help out with what I can, and perhaps our more skilled
ATS Sphinx people can assist as well.

Any thoughts? I believe the toolchain from Readthedocs is open source, but getting something
going shouldn't be too hard (last famous words…). This content would be cacheable, and we'd
be happy to provide help there :).


-- Leif

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