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From Tony Stevenson <pct...@apache.org>
Subject Re: A server for Openmeetings
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2013 17:46:55 GMT
Alexei Fedotov wrote on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 09:32:12PM +0400:
> Tony, I'm sorry. This was discussed for sure. Things sometimes change over
> time, that's why I have asked once again.
> We have have several test servers and chat channels hosted around. My
> intention was to have more
> development resources hosted @apache and branded by apache.

Generally that is a good thing.  However your requirements are
significant, and this is not something we could in all good faith commit
too. Sorry. 

Please do not mis-read my reply - I was trying to be open and honest.
While over time we might well be able to offer you all the hardware you
need, it is so very extremely unlikely we could meet your bandwidth
needs. All our bandwidth is donated to us for free, and as such it
doesnt come in huge quantities; and where we do have it we have to
prioritise core services over that of development instances (i.e. svn
and http over that of pmc specific needs).  It's not that we dont want
to help, but we only have finite resources, and we need to be careful
not to over commit them.  Bandwith is one such commodity where we need
to be careful.  

One option that springs to mind is the use of AWS and friends, while
they will not guarantee you the resources you want I suspect you might
get somewhere close most of the time. Though again, if you need these as
a minimum resource at all times we will have to look elsewhere. 

There might be some money free in the budget to allow you to use such a
service. Before we throw up n VMs in an attempt to guess if it will work
for you, can you perhaps go back to your PMC and discuss the idea of VMs
with the likes of AWS, and when you find a vendor please do a little
research into the options, then let us know what you want to do.  Please
note that the budget is not endless, and if you want to saturate 20Mb/s
or more, then I guess the bill from AWS will be significant and you
might not get a lot of AWS time as a reuslt - so please look carefully
and come back to us with options and we can take those forward for you. 

I'm pushing this back to you to do the research as we are kinda snowed
under somewhat and if you can do this part we might just be able to say
"go for it" and let you have at it.  I stress 'might' :) 


Tony Stevenson



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