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From "Joshi, Tilak (GSFC-423.0)[COLUMBUS TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES INC]" <tilak.jo...@nasa.gov>
Subject Re: Why are there multiple installations of the wiki?
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 14:14:58 GMT
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the quick response!  I am referring to
http://wiki.apache.org.  More specifically, I am referencing the following
text from the FrontPage:

"Rather than host all the Wiki content in a single installation, we have
per-project Wikis. You must log in separately to each distinct Wiki you
wish to edit."

I am interested in learning the pros and cons behind this approach as we
are implementing a similar system.


On 6/5/12 4:52 AM, "Daniel Shahaf" <d.s@daniel.shahaf.name> wrote:

>on Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 13:05:20 -0500:
>> I recently opened an issue in the JIRA system
>> (INFRA-4879<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-4879>), but
>> was referred to this mailing list instead.  Please see my question
>> below:
>> We are evaluating an installation for a multi-project wiki for the
>> EOSDIS organization within NASA, and we noticed that you guys run
>> multiple installations of the underlying wiki software.
>We run two installations:
>http://wiki.apache.org/ (moinmoin)
>http://cwiki.apache.org/ (confluence)
>Which are you referring to?
>> Is there a reason you chose a multi-installation approach vs an
>> aggregated single installation hosting all projects?
>> Our possible con we found for multi-installation approach is the
>> updating/patching process. Any update or patch would have to be
>> propagated through multiple installations, instead of a single
>> installation. This adds overhead and creates room for error.
>> We are open to how we implement our solution. We respect the opinion
>> of the community at large, and any insight as to the pros and cons of
>> the aforementioned approaches would be very helpful.
>> Thanks,
>> Tj
>> ~
>> Tilak Joshi
>> Senior Web Architect
>> NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Contractor)
>> e: tilak.joshi@nasa.gov

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