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From Philip Martin <philip.mar...@wandisco.com>
Subject Re: subversion pull request: port to new style classes - http://stackoverflow.c...
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 11:11:03 GMT
Filip Maj <fil@adobe.com> writes:

> Without a doubt getting access to the project mirrors on GitHub is a
> must-have. Setting up different teams on GitHub is trivial. Could have a
> "committers" team, and any other team deemed necessary. We can then add
> permissions such as ability to administer the github project to these
> teams.
> As for sending the patch, I don't see anything wrong with accepting a
> patch via GitHub. I fail to see the difference between accepting a patch
> via e-mail on dev lists vs. doing so via GitHub. In fact, I would say that
> accepting the patch on GitHub is *easier* than any other approved method
> in Apache so far (that I've experienced). You can comment on specific
> lines of code in a clearer fashion, keep track of changes to the patch (if
> necessary) also very cleanly, in a timeline sort of fashion, where changes
> to the patch as well as overall comments are chronologically ordered. Very
> easy to see how a patch evolves.
> As a current committer on an incubating project that went from a
> GitHub-based project to an Apache project (incubator-apache-cordova), this
> issue resounds very strongly in me. I would love to help out in any way I
> can to get this figured out.

I had a look at incubator-callback-dev and I didn't see much discussion
about pull requests or patches.  I did find one:


which leads to


The discussion about the patch appears to be split across the dev list
and the github site.

The Subversion project discusses patches on dev@subversion.a.o.  For me
it is much simpler if the patch appears in my email client.  When I want
to comment on a patch it's available to quote and the discussion stays
in one place archived on the dev list.  Your work flow appears to push
some/all patch discussion off the dev list and onto github.

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