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From Henri Yandell <bay...@apache.org>
Subject GitHub: Closing pull requests + emails
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 18:40:40 GMT
[Please keep me on the Cc list as I'm not subscribed to infrastructure-dev@]

Jukka suggested I bring this here:


Sounds like we should set up an organization in GitHub, possibly per PMC.

Another bug I noticed was that replies come from an 'apache' user and
don't indicate the email address they're from. The former seems a fair
mis-feature given that it would be hard to map our user system to
theirs, but putting the from address in there seems something that
could be done.

Not sure where this leads, I'm hoping there are people on the list
with expertise/opinions on how this would be done that could go back
into the JIRA item as some way to fix these issues.


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