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From Tony Stevenson <pct...@apache.org>
Subject Re: LDAP custom-asf schema - family name?
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 07:49:09 GMT
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Hey sebb,

I have already extended the schema to include 4 of the 5 fields in the iclas.txt file. 
The availid, cant really be recorded ;-)  as this is your username.  

So we do now have the concept of 'public name', and 'legal name' 

I have added the values for my entry so as to show people what we can add.  I have also edited
the ACL, to only root/secretary to edit the all but the 'public name' which I have allowed
root/secretary@/$SELF to edit. 

We can certainly add 'sn', and 'givenName' - again they have been on my record for ages. 
Do we have a known good source from which to definitively take this info from?  As your cited
example below of 'lewis ship' which is not hyphenated would sure make ingesting them from
iclas.txt quite difficult.  Unless we ingest on a best efforts basis, and then tell committers
to review their details and edit them if they are wrong (adding the fields to be edited in
id.a.o is trivial) 

On 9 Jun 2011, at 08:35, sebb wrote:

> Tony wrote that he is working on the custom-asf schema currently.
> It would be very useful for generating sorted lists of names if LDAP
> contained each person's given name and family name - or at least the
> family name and the full name.
> Is that something that exists already, or is being considered?
> Also, there is a distinction between a person's full name (legal name)
> and their name as they wish it to be known publicly. These are not
> always the same.
> For the purposes of generating public output, of course the public
> name should always be used.
> This is not always directly related to the full name, so it implies
> that the family name should either be public or there need to be
> separate versions for the full and public versions.
> Note: where a family name has two words - e.g. Lewis Ship - this could
> perhaps be rendered in HTML output using an encoded space, e.g. &nbsp;


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