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From Emmanuel Lécharny <elecha...@apache.org>
Subject Re: LDAP custom-asf schema - family name?
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 07:51:58 GMT
On 6/9/11 9:49 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
> On 6/9/11 9:35 AM, sebb wrote:
>> Tony wrote that he is working on the custom-asf schema currently.
>> It would be very useful for generating sorted lists of names if LDAP
>> contained each person's given name and family name - or at least the
>> family name and the full name.
>> Is that something that exists already, or is being considered?
>> Also, there is a distinction between a person's full name (legal name)
>> and their name as they wish it to be known publicly. These are not
>> always the same.
>> For the purposes of generating public output, of course the public
>> name should always be used.
>> This is not always directly related to the full name, so it implies
>> that the family name should either be public or there need to be
>> separate versions for the full and public versions.
>> Note: where a family name has two words - e.g. Lewis Ship - this could
>> perhaps be rendered in HTML output using an encoded space, e.g.&nbsp;
> In LDAP, we usually use those three existing AttributeType to store 
> such informations :
> - cn (commonName)
> - sn (surname)
> - gn (givenName)
> The sn and gn AT are used to respectively store the name (Lécharny) 
> and the surname (Emmanuel).

Ooops, surname (Lécharny) and givenname (Emmanuel)

Emmanuel Lécharny

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