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From Thomas Koch <tho...@koch.ro>
Subject Re: Blog post on Gerrit (GIT review tool)
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 07:20:12 GMT
Paul Davis:
> > OTOH I don't think git can be used "much the same" as svn. I would
> > recommend any people that has not used git deeply to avoid comparing it
> > with subversion until they have used it deeply during, say, one year. By
> > using I
> > mean at least:
> I was worried someone would take that comment wrong. I should've been
> more clear.
> I meant to point out that it would be the same or similar from the
> point of view of the infrastructure team. As in, it'd be hosted by
> httpd, use mod_ldap for authentication, some various pieces of code to
> plug in ldap groups for authorization, etc. It'd be based on services
> for which there is already experience running.
> This is opposed to something like Gerrit that would require multiple
> people on the infrastructure team to learn and care for a new service
> as well as require changes to processes like getting CLA's and such
> forth.
> HTH,
> Paul Davis
So just because some people on infra should be avoided the burden to learn 
something new, some thousand developers should suffer from a suboptimal 
And it's not much IMHO what needs to be learned. It's a well packaged, proven 
system with a big, active and maybe even helpful community.
And I also offered my help to set it up. I can also help in maintenance, if 
you really need it. I also already did set up a test instance (on request of 
Owen O'Malley) without any trouble.

It would just help to have just a little bit of communication going on. I've 
asked for a list of requirements on 2010/12/04 and even started a draft list 
to help out. However there wasn't any reaction to that.

Please note that the list of _TASKS_ on jira is not a list of requirements. 
Requirements come before you make tasks.

I know it's much more fun to sit down and hack on something. Communication is 
the hard part.

So you just formulated the first requirement: The infrastructure team 
shouldn't be required to learn anything new. Now questions could be:

- Who is the infrastructure team? I don't know.
- Do they agree with this requirement?
- Could somebody else join the infrastructure team who would like to work with 
something new?
- Could the GIT installation be administrated by another, dedicated GIT team?

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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