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From Mark Struberg <strub...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: git svn & merging
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 09:57:58 GMT
git is not perfect and nor is SVN.

I e.g. still see a lot problems with the svn in general.

There is for example no way to checkout 'old' OWB versions (before we became a TLP and got
moved by gav)!

I can still see the commit comments from the time before the move, but I cannot access the


--- Werner Punz <werner.punz@gmail.com> schrieb am Do, 25.3.2010:

> Von: Werner Punz <werner.punz@gmail.com>
> Betreff: Re: git svn & merging
> An: infrastructure-dev@apache.org
> Datum: Donnerstag, 25. März, 2010 10:29 Uhr
> Am 05.01.10 10:10, schrieb Mark
> Struberg:
> > The problem with dcommit is the time-span acausality
> which is possible with git.
> > Have you tried
> > git merge --squash?
> > This will package all the diffs from foo into a commit
> on top of your HEAD.
> > Maybe you can also do a manual git-rebase of the
> changes to your HEAD, but that would be much more work.
> > 
> > In either way you will loose the trackback to foo :(
> > 
> > LieGrue,
> > strub
> > 
> Just my 2c git svn is more or less a semi working bridge,
> which bridges two systems almost non bridgable in their
> details.
> I have used git-svn for the last half year against Apache
> repos and I am still undecided whether it is worth it, on
> one hand I love
> the local commits which I then can sync into one dcommit
> against the server (which I would hate to lose) on the other
> hand git-svn has its fair share of problems
> (especially if you do more complicated stuff against the
> svn side+the sync time on the apache svn servers which need
> a commit delay period between two revision commits)
> and the lack of svn external support currently lets me
> rethink my usage strategy.
> Unfortunately HGs SVN support is even worse, and
> native support of HG or Git is probably out of scope for
> now (even if it would be supported many projects probably
> would not migrate)
> Kind of a sad situation of having those wonderful systems
> and not being able to use them to their full extent.
> Werner

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