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From Aristedes Maniatis <...@maniatis.org>
Subject Re: Looking forward on VMs, Zones and Jails
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 10:32:32 GMT
On 2/10/09 11:20 AM, Brett Porter wrote:
> I expect the zones are running a lot of Java things. I heard a lot of
> murmurs in the past about how well Java works on FreeBSD - is that
> likely to be an issue now?

My two cents worth:

* my work runs all deployment servers for everything Java on FreeBSD. Not a single problem
ever with the Java environment even since FreeBSD 4. The combination of ZFS, jailing (especially
with the new network/CPU jail capabilities) and the ports system are just the nicest things
for us at my work.

* The Cayenne PMC has a zone which is mostly gathering dust. We had lots of grand plans, but
my inability to even install 6 open source databases within a Solaris zone has been terribly
frustrating. (See my recent email to this list which sort of went nowhere).

* It would be vastly more useful to have a BSD machine which had half a dozen databases installed
for shared testing between a dozen different Apache projects (which all need db integration
testing). And then have it maintained by some sort of new cross-PMC sysadmin committee group
thing. It usually only takes me a couple of hours to set up a whole new FreeBSD installation
from scratch, configure, etc and install 6 database engines. My inability to get Solaris packages
to work for me are probably a combination of my ignorance of Solaris things and limitations
of zones. Compiling from source would inevitably lead to installations which are never upgraded
even for security patches.

Anyhow, my point is that a per PMC virtual machine is not always the resource which is needed.
In this particular case it is not. We use p.a.o to build nightly javadocs for the web site
and that is a good example of where a shared resource is quite adequate.

I'd still love to get some sort of database test environment in place, and I'm not letting
go until someone tells me to stop bugging people about it. :-)

Ari Maniatis


Aristedes Maniatis
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