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From Paul Querna <p...@querna.org>
Subject Looking forward on VMs, Zones and Jails
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 23:00:48 GMT
brain dump on our current zones/vm/jails situation. feedback welcome.

Current Status:
 - We have dozens of  Solaris Zones.  They are generally ran by PMCs,
but the base operating system is updated/owned by the Infrastructure
 - We have dozens of VMs.  Some of them are owned by PMCs, and some
are owned by the general infrastructure team.  In general their
operating systems is not well maintained.

 - Solaris Zones (and Solaris in general) is a dying platform.
 - The infrastructure team is generally lacking the Solaris admin
bandwidth to maintain Solaris machines.
 - We are terrible at keeping operating systems fully up to date, and
VM instances fall even farther behind in this respect.
 - PMCs just aren't setup to maintain an operating system -- if the
one person who does the work is gone, the instances do not get

Proposed Policy:
  - Full VMs, with whole OS stack, are to be allocated for specific
purposes, and must be kept up to date by the owning group in regards
to security and operating system patches.  Unless there is a specific
need for a specific operating system, we will direct all requests to
use FreeBSD Jails.

  - Jails and Zones, are to be the general purpose area for PMCs, and
will be managed by Infrastructure to keep the base operating system up
to date.

 - We will be migrating away from Solaris Zones to FreeBSD jails.

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