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From Santiago Gala <santiago.g...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Servicemix git repository
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 18:53:52 GMT
El sáb, 06-06-2009 a las 12:19 +0200, Grzegorz Kossakowski escribió:
> Jukka Zitting pisze:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > 2009/6/5 Jan Topiński <jtopinski@chatka.org>:
> >> I found your email on http://git.apache.org/ and I fell in the category "or
> >> want to see another Apache codebase mirrored". In my work I need to exchange
> >> pathed version of servicemix with 2 other organizations. It is much easier
> >> using git than subversion. But I understand that mirroring svn repository
> >> for smx may be little more difficult than usually due to  separate
> >> components and engines root directories in svn that if I understand it well
> >> translates to separate repositories in git.
> > 
> > Yes. Normally we create a separate Git mirror for each codebase that
> > you'd typically checkout from svn. For example, see the many Directory
> > or Maven repositories we have mirrored.
> > 
> > So for creating Git mirrors for ServiceMix, we'd need a list of the
> > separate codebases you have, and the locations of the trunk, branches
> > and tags of each of those codebases. If a codebase is using the
> > standard svn {trunk,branches,tags} structure, then just the root URL
> > of that svn tree is sufficient.
> Jukka,
> I had a quick look at servicemix's layout and my impression is that they have *lots*
of small subprojects. This would
> create many, many git repositories. This would bring us to the question how to easily
manage them and integrate into one
> project.
> Or is it out of our concern as we are plain Git mirror provider?

When I experimented I did several tests on having git repositories with
several different version trees, and it is no problem for git to have
several roots, just not so common in practice.

git-svn can manage several svn-remotes too, but it is trickier as
-R<remote-name> needs to be used to manage each svn repository.

So for fetching it needs to be done in a loop using each -R<remote-name>
in turn...

But it is doable, and I guess the use case for patching the git-svn perl
script to have options to fetch *all* heads of *all* svn-remotes is
reasonable (rebase only touches the currently checked out tree, so it
will limit to this remote).

I guess Jukka's mirroring code would need some tweak to deal with a
mirror like this, but it looks again doable.

Something like this could be useful also to have both the code and the
web site (for instance) in the same git repository. This use case is way
less useful, I guess, except where people is using environment to point
to the repo, and different checkouts from the same repo...

Do you think something like this is possible/doable/worth-it? :)


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