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From Tony Stevenson <t...@pc-tony.com>
Subject What a mess - SVN authz vs /etc/groups
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 09:39:28 GMT

After manually fudging through both the authz file, and the /etc/ 
groups - It looks like this may not be as simple as I had first hoped.

As Sebb highlighted yesterday with the Tomcat-PMC group, it could  
quite possibly be renamed to tomcat. Indeed it could, and that would  
be fine.
However a bunch of other projects have a -pmc group also, to control  
access to  /pmc/proejctx  - BUT - Not all projects.  One such example  
is httpd.

So my point is this. There is no standard (no surprise from organic  
growth really) so now, is the time to ensure we setup a standard.

So I am proposing the following:

Each TLP, will have at least SVN groups.

1 -  ProjectX = membera,memberb,memberc etc
2 -  ProjectX-PMC = membera,memberc

This way we can ensure that every project has the same structure in  
LDAP, and will allow us to much more easily stick to a standard in the  

This is of course, assuming we want to stick with /pmc/projectx

So going forward to ease the pain of moving to LDAP, and to introduce  
a standard we have 2 options.

1)  Flatten out /pmc/    -  Seems like a big hammer approach, and they  
may have a valid use.
2)  Add a ProjectX-PMC   -  Ezch project would have min 2 groups.    
ProjectX, and ProjectX-PMC. The latter used to control access to /pmc/ 


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