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From chris <ch...@ia.gov>
Subject Re: LDAP - a simple script that may help with initial account creation
Date Sun, 05 Apr 2009 19:49:57 GMT

>> Is the user's public name going to be part of the LDAP database?
>> If so, the /etc/passwd file is likely to be the best source, as users
>> can correct this, unlike ICLAS.
> Exactly.

So pull from gecos field then.   What all do you guys have in there, 
just the full name?  That field is often populated by a "," separated 
list of stuff.

> We will use the mail address from .forward as that is the file we 
> honour for all userid@apache.org addresses.  Now some folks don't 
> forward their mail on, they collect it.  But that is ok too.
> Folks are most likely to maintain this address as that is ultimately 
> the way they get to read their email.  :-)

Done.  If .forward is unreadable or empty this is left undefined. 

Latest revision is here http://arreyder.com/pass2ldap.pl


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