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From Paul Querna <p...@querna.org>
Subject Subversion Server Plan
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 22:24:52 GMT
Right now eris.apache.org is pretty stressed, and has roughly doubled
the traffic compared to what it was doing a year ago with the same
hardware. At the same time Harmonia, the machine that hosts
svn.eu.apache.org is barely being worked at all.

Related to this is upgrading to Subverison 1.6 on the server, and
reloading the repository, which should net us a ~20% saving on space,
and performance increases from the packing of the repository, but this
project is currently stalled as we don't have enough spare IO ops on
eris to run the conversion.  I will look into finishing the upgrade in
the next week or two.

Bellow is the rough set of steps I'd like to go through to hopefully
massively increase subversion performance and latency for everyone at
the ASF:

- Add dns 'svn-master.apache.org' which points to eris. [done]

- Update all svnsync scripts to all use svn-master instead of svn.a.o

- Mirror all repositories, not just the public one, so one base URL
works for everyone.

- finish upgrading minotaur aka people.apache.org to FreeBSD 7.2, and
move all data to the new /x2 array.

- detach /x1 array from minotaur, attach to thor (powervault 220s, 14x
146gb scsi)

- Create svn-mirror zone on thor, give access to disk array, create 14
disk raid2z. (yay spindles)

- Seutp svn-mirror to reverse proxy & act as a svn slave.

- Add DNS svn.us.apache.org pointing at svn-mirror zone

- Setup svn.apache.org with GeoIP based resolving:
   - svn.us.apache.org and svn.eu.apache.org

- For git-svn / dcommit, have it hit git-master.apache.org directly,
but try to avoid publishing this URL for most users. (thoughts?)

- Investigate adding more Subversion mirrors as time goes on. (Asia or
Australia is like a good place to be looking, maybe even a Virtualized
box at a hosting company to get us started -- though it would have
careful as we would have private repositories on it )

I would like to figure out a way to make dcommit work with the reverse
proxy slaves, but I think we would need to work closer with the
Subversion developers on improving how the slaves work in general.

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