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From Santiago Gala <santiago.g...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Pointing git repo to a new svn mirror ... Fwd: Git repo for Apache Qpid
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 12:03:27 GMT
El vie, 09-01-2009 a las 21:21 +0100, Grzegorz Kossakowski escribió:
> Luciano Resende pisze:
> > I thought clonning was disabled, but dcommitting was ok.
> git-svn has to fetch from svn server (+rebase) before doing dcommit. I remember myself
struggling with git-svn that was
> not playing nicely with mod_dontdothat even for small requests.

git-svn, IIRC, requests REPORT for the root URL as part of the history
search and fetch during cloning, as a way to make sure that if a branch
was mv'ed from somewhere else it is properly tracked. This is an issue
with mod_dontdothat.

The rebase done before committing should not trigger this request,

> I recall Joe saying something like Git is too aggressive even for simple requests to
svn server which triggers
> mod_dontdothat. AFAIR, it was just his suspicion as we didn't check this problem and
moved on with disabling
> mod_dontdothat for https access to svn.eu machine.
> If you manage to check all these vague statements lets us know!

A number of requests were banned from the root url, mostly to avoid a
common incident: users checking the whole ASF tree out, which is
definitely a no-no. A number of those requests are triggered by git-svn
looking for common ancestors of the requested tree, as I said (imagine
moving an incubated tree to its final location as a typical such move),
and this causes the problems.


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