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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: Centralised authentication/authorisation
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 12:00:36 GMT
Tony Stevenson wrote:

> Graham we have not yet agreed, i.e. have had written in stone, what we 
> will and will not support. Plus I am not sure what https://www.a.o has 
> to do with  LDAP.

It has to do with single signon, which is based on LDAP, and is one of 
the most fundamental ways in which an LDAP server makes our lives easier.

>  AFAIK there is no authentication required when 
> browsing that site.

The site doesn't yet exist (ie connection refused).

> I think there is one other person who is willing to help us. I just want 
> him to announce himself. Rather than being 'outed' by me.  :-)
> I think once we have 4 people, we can consider the next steps.
> * What we want to achieve from LDAP
> * How we want to deploy it
> * etc

At this point we have the danger of just talking about it for ages and 
ages, and never getting anything done.

Let's start by getting a basic server running, and populate it with some 
basic information, not accessible to the public.

It is far easier to show people what LDAP is, and what single singon is, 
  rather than trying to explain it in a handwaving fashion.

I think we have established already what we want to achieve by using 
LDAP: to make our lives easier.

Any LDAP infrastructure is going to change with time. We will find new 
requirements, we will need to keep the admin people who have to care and 
feed this thing happy, and people will keep asking "wouldn't it be cool 


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