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From Paul Querna <pque...@apache.org>
Subject dev stats and graphs
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2008 06:33:57 GMT
I've started playing with:

It uses a bunch of json files stored at:

Things to do:
- Build page navigation, to go up and down the graphs.

- Better way to organize TLPs, right now I put in an hard coded list, 
because showing all 70 at once is just a big blob.

- More data sources.  Right now I only pull in from Subversion and the 
Mail Archives.

- Once you go to a TLP, you should be able to show subversion data for 
that tlp vs mail traffic, maybe check boxes for which datasoruces to show?

The graphs are generated using flot and jquery:

There are two programs that generate these json files.  In the long run 
I intend to update the json files once a day, but that isn't quite 
running yet.

Which just scrapes mail-archives.apache.org.


Which uses my svnstat[1] program to read form an sqlite3 databases some 
stats generated from the raw subversion repository

If you are playing with it, I would recommend jut pulling down a copy of 
the json files, from

patches welcome.....

[1] - http://svn.i-want-a-pony.org/repos/svnstats/trunk/

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