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From Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelf...@apache.org>
Subject Re: GIT mirror for Tuscany?
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 18:37:49 GMT
Jukka Zitting wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 11:56 PM, Jean-Sebastien Delfino
> <jsdelfino@apache.org> wrote:
>> Would it be possible to mirror the Tuscany trunk and maybe a few branches on
>> http://jukka.zitting.name/git/?
> Sure, though your repository structure is a bit troublesome from a
> git-svn perspective. Normally git-svn expects that all the branches
> and tags are based on copies if the entire trunk. You have no single
> trunk in Tuscany, and your branches and tags seem to be based on
> copies of individual component subdirectories. This is fine in svn,
> but makes things a bit complex for a git mirror.
> It seems like the best approach for mapping your repository structure
> to git would be to for example create separate mirrors for the SCA,
> SDO and DAS components.

Yes, seems like the best approach, the SDO and DAS components may not 
need to be mirrored as they've not been very active recently.

This way we could get reasonably accurate
> mappings for the tags in tags/java/*. There is no similar structure
> for the branches directory, so I'd just map all branches to all
> components. This would create unneeded branches in each of the
> component mirrors, but at least all the none of the unneeded branches
> would be lost.

Makes sense. There's quite a few branches and tags though, so if you 
want to save some space on your server we may not need all of the old 
ones which are just sitting there with no activity.

> I scheduled the creation of an example mirror for the SCA component.
> I'll ping when it's ready for you to take a look.

Just saw it. I had not realized it was there until today :) Thanks!

The example mirror looks good to me except for the fact that the history 
is incomplete (stops when our tree moved from incubator to a top level 
project in June 2008, and some history in mid-2006 to 2008 period is 
missing too).

And again, we probably don't need all the old branches and tags.


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