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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <gkossakow...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Best Practices so far?
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 10:51:42 GMT
Santiago Gala pisze:
> --log-window-size=100 (default) It was /me mentioning it on IRC, IIRC
> I had to use higher values to "hack" over mod_dontdothat (my guess) and
> get a couple of TLPs cloned. Values of 1000 or 10000 revisions were not
> being harmful at the time, IIRC I talk about it with Justin a couple of
> years ago, when I did my first experiments. The higher the value the
> more memory the client takes, the more revisions asks the server pre
> request (actual load depends on setup-tear down in the server, I'm not
> sure). The higher the value the faster the cloning will complete.
> Not sure about safe values, though. In our case, even asking for 10000
> revisions in a subtree can make little load, if most of those revisions
> fall outside of the tree, I guess.

It was me who has been struggling with cloning Cocoon's repository and constantly hitting
mod_dontdothat. I'm quite surprised by your saying that tweaking --log-window-size can make

mod_dontdothat happy.

Has been anyone successful with cloning from svn.eu.apache.org? What was your setting?


As I previously said at @infra I'm not that much interested in discussions with [dSCM] tag
even if 
they are enjoyable to read from time to time. I think that we should focus on _doing something_
my choice is to let existing Apache committers to try out dSCM tools in a full manner.
I would rather prefer seeing some actions leading to establishing standard procedure for existing

committers letting them clone their favorite repositories without pain I'm experiencing now.

This would at least allow people to formulate their opinions basing on a real research.

(andd of course: infra is busy with higher-priority tasks so my wish is not intended to be
right away)

Best regards,
Grzegorz Kossakowski

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