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From Santiago Gala <santiago.g...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: tags not being created by git-svn (was: git-svnRe: svn commit: r658061 - /infrastructure/trunk/httpd-conf/vc.eu.apache.org/dontdothat.conf)
Date Thu, 22 May 2008 08:51:16 GMT
El mié, 21-05-2008 a las 23:13 +0200, Grzegorz Kossakowski escribió:
> Santiago Gala pisze:
> > 
> > I typically use separate init / fetch because of the probability of
> > failure. I'm not sure if, after some time, clonce can be restarted by
> > just "cd <dir>; git svn fetch", but:
> > 
> > * after git init succeeds, git fetch is fully restartable
> > * most problems with root lookups occur when fishing for history, once
> > git svn fetch starts moving up revisions it is quite probable that it
> > will finish fetching without problems, though it might depends on new
> > resources being moved into the project space "out of the blue", which it
> > needs to track history.
> Just FYI: I seem to successfully clone Cocoon's repository using git-svn clone command.
> However, I see some weirdness. The biggest problem is that git-svn didn't create regular
> branches that can be found in Cocoon's svn repository. Moreover, it seems to handle branches
> tags the same way as remote branches. I think this explains what I mean:
>  > git-branch
> * master
>  > git-branch -r
>    BRANCH_2_1_X
>    bin
>    butterfly
>    cocoon-2.2
>    cocoon-forms-1.0.0
>    cocoon-forms-1.0.0@389838
> <snip/>
>    tags/ASF_20_BEFORE
>    tags/ASF_20_SRC_AUTO
>    tags/RC_2_1_10
>    tags/RELEASE_2_1
> <snip/>
>    tags/trunk_before_flattening
>    testdata
>    tools
>    trunk
> Is it expected behaviour of git-svn?

Well, WRT branches, they are *remote*, i.e. on the subversion
repository. I guess you can create a local one on the remote commit, do
some work on it and dcommit, but I have not yet tried this use casa.

WRT tags, I have converted them to git tags in some repositories I
track, but there is a danger: nothing impedes you to commit a change to
a subversion tag, for what I know. Subversion tags are no more than a
point in the version tree. OTOH, git tags are different animals, just a
pointer to a commit in a branch with optional crypto and metadata. So,
converting them into tags will make a problem tracking the tag if
someone commits on top of if later on.

> Do you know how to deal with such situation? (I'm still new to git-svn)

If you want them as git tags, something like:

for tag in $(git branch -r | grep tags | grep -v @) ; do echo git tag
${tag/tags\//}; done

(without the "echo") will create a tag on top of every branch that has a
name with "tags" on it. The negative grep on "@" is to take care of
working tags created by git-svn to track code movements, which I can see
in portals-bridges, which got moved quite a bit. You could delete the
branches after, with the caveat about ulterior modifications off this
tag on the server.

> Thanks for any help.
Santiago Gala

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