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From Santiago Gala <santiago.g...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Stop responding to insults (Was: Stop flaming (Was: Best Practices so far?))
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 15:24:48 GMT
El lun, 05-05-2008 a las 03:10 -0700, Joe Schaefer escribió:

> Santiago, all I'm suggesting is that everyone take
> a step back, a deep breath, and cut out all the
> arguing.  It isn't constructive, and it doesn't

No arguing here, just mirroring received insults. I agree that it is not
constructive, but it does not happen if just nobody insults me. So the
freedom to make it stop is in the people addressing me. I could also
stop it, by taking the insults, but I have already explained why I

> actually resolve anything.  The problem you seem
> to be having with the rest of the infrastructure
> team goes well beyond this thread, and well beyond
> this subject.  I wish I understood why you feel
> the way you do about us.

I don't have any problem with "the rest of the infrastructure team" (In
fact no more than 3 o 4 people have addressed me, and I hope this is not
"the rest of the infrastructure team"). As I said, I just rebound the
insults received, so your sentence could as well be phrased as "The
insults you seem to be receiving from the rest of the infrastructure
team go beyond this thread, and well beyond this subject". And I don't
agree with it: no all of the team has insulted me, not in any subject
not being de-centralization or dSCM. AFAICT. Just to give an example, I
have requested accounts for new committers, etc., and nobody insulted

I don't feel anything negative about $us, for any value of $us. I don't
like to be insulted, this is all. And I don't think I should tolerate
it. To get me stopping rebounding things is easy: just stop throwing
them at me. The boys in the street learned it in about three months of
casual encounters, actually maybe just 5 occasions. Let's see what
happens here.

Regards, thanks and keep with the good work
Santiago Gala

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