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From Santiago Gala <sg...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [scm] Version control tools for contributors
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 19:27:44 GMT
El mar, 22-04-2008 a las 15:36 -0500, Jesse McConnell escribió:
> > d) Distributed SCM. Contributors could use tools like git-svn (or even
> > svn vendor branches with some manual overhead) to manage their own
> > source repositories where they could manage their work and push things
> > back to the Apache projects in more meaningful chunks.
> >
> problem I see here is in consuming the results of the GSoC work into the
> project.  This would almost encourage the short term developer to tweak

I don't understand what do you mean. I have been using git-svn for a
couple of projects (basically the global apache site and shindig) and it
is trivial to produce and consume

> api's or code that maybe they shouldn't really be touching (if I just tweak
> this one thing it makes life so much easier) and increases the potential for

huh? Why is a tool encouraging "tweaking api's (sic) or code"? Why
wouldn't they "tweak apis or code" if they use emacs, for instance? I
junt don't follow.

> potentially dangerous changes to slip in via a careless review.  Sure that

careless review? Who is doing the careless review? Once a git
repository, that has the (updated) svn trunk + the coder branches out of
svn is judged ready, the work can be either committed as a whole chunk
or in a set of revisions. git offers excellent support for inspecting
differences, can merge very well and has the ability to redo the history
of commits until they can be committed to the "master" subversion

> should be caught by whatever kind of mentor they have, but I wonder if this
> is the 'killer use case' that people are looking for to get distributed
> scm's into broader use at apache.

Nobody that I know is looking for a "killer use case". As far as I can
tell we are trying to use tools (traditional and new tools) in useful
ways, and get more/better work done, with whatever tools. Obviously I
would not recommend to use git-svn/git for a GSoC project unless both
the mentor and the student have some experience, I would use something
simpler like mercurial or even bazaar if they have experience in those,


> cheers,
> jesse

Santiago Gala

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