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From "Etienne Cliquet" <cliq...@teleferique.org>
Subject default aesthetic
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2002 10:08:40 GMT

My name is Etienne Cliquet (Paris). 
I'm managing with friends a Independant & collective downloading art server
called Teleferique : www.teleferique.org & ftp.teleferique.org

I'm preparing a paper (next september) about "default aesthetic"
for a french art magazine called "Chronic'art". I appreciate a lot 
defaults interfaces like "ftp" or "mod_autoindex" (Apache) for its simplicity. 

I would like to have programmer opinion about default interface 
like "mod_autoindex" of Apache server ?
I've already made a text (in french) but i'm looking for different point of view.
I've thought "GUI Management Interface for the Apache Web Server" 
should be an apropriate list for the questions below :

-How do you characterize "mod_autoindex" look or design ?
-Is "mod_autoindex" made for the use of server admin or novice ?
-Is default interface determinated with a aesthetic intention ? 
-Do you know who has realized "mod_autoindex" interface ? 
-Is the program could be considered the author of "mod_autoindex" ? 

If you have a little time to answer me or any other suggestions, thank you very much.



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