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From Dan Haywood <...@haywood-associates.co.uk>
Subject Fwd: Animated series publicising Isis
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2013 22:23:33 GMT
Hi folks,
We are currently working on a series of animations to help publicise the
project that I am PMC chair of, Apache Isis.  The idea to do this came from
a contributor to our community, Maurizio Taverna, who has done this for
some (commercial) clients of his in the past, and has been effective.
 Maurizio and I have developed the first [1] of these (still draft);
Maurizio takes the credit for the animation, we co-wrote the script.

As you'll see from the video [1], these animations have Maurizio's company
logo bottom left.  Maurizio is the CTO of this company so he has the
authority to choose to use his company's account to do this.  In effect
this is a donation from his company to the Isis project.

To the question:

Is having this branding from a commercial company on these videos ok?  We
were hoping that it is, with the proviso that we would have a note on the
page that links to the videos thanking the donation but making clear that
ASF and the company have no other relationship.

Many thx


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