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From Thilo Goetz <twgo...@gmx.de>
Subject Looking for Apache licensed or compatible Java source code generation tool
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2012 14:13:59 GMT
Hi all,

I'm currently working on a little project which I hope to contribute
to Apache eventually.  So, obviously, I want everything to be
appropriately licensed.

As part of my project, I would like to generate Java source code.
I'm looking for a library like codemodel, which is part of JAXB
(http://codemodel.java.net/), except that it shouldn't be GPLed.
I'm not interested in anything that uses string templates, so
please don't point me at any templating engines.

I have half a mind of writing such a library myself, but before
I go down that road, I want to make sure I'm not duplicating
something we already have at Apache.  So if you know of anything,
please let me know.



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