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From Ross Gardler <rgard...@apache.org>
Subject Re: hi all.. suggest me a project
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 08:12:11 GMT
On 21/07/2010 16:43, kambala balasubrahmanyam wrote:
> I would like to join in apache foundation.
> Can you please guide me which project is suitable for me or which needs
> resources
> I have very good understanding on following apache projects Tomcat,
> Struts and I have five years experience on java and J2EE technologies.

All proejcts need help. Given you say Tomcat and Struts are strengths 
I'd suggest they are good places to start.

I just added the following text to our FAQ [1] in response to your 
question - I hope it helps (it will be visible on the public FAQ in an 
hour or so).

h2. How do I choose an Apache project to work on?

The key to working on projects at Apache (and any open source for that 
matter) is to have a personal reason for being involved. You might be 
trying to solve a day job issue, you might be looking to learn a new 
technology or you might simply want to do somethiung fun in your free 
time. The key is that you must *want* to get involved. It is also 
important that you have appropriate skills to be able to help the project.

Our [projects|http://projects.apache.org/] provides a useful index of 
projects which allows you to view projects alphabetically, by category 
or by language. When you view a projects detail page in this list you 
will find details of their mailing lists, issue tracker and other 

In the projects issue tracker you will find details of bugs and feature 
requests the project would like to work with, this should give you some 
inspiration about how you might be able to help the project community. 
If you see an issue you would like to tackle its time to join the 
projects mailing list and get started.

h2. How do I get involved with an Apache project?

You can certainly improve your programming skills by watching the commit 
lists, receiving code reviews and participating in discussion. Howeverm 
this learning opportunity is a healthy side effect of open source 
activities rather than a goal in itself. Nobody in an Apache project is 
going to spend time teaching you programming 101, technical writing or 
testing (to pick just a few skills we need). You need to know the basics 
and be willing to research the rest.

Our mentoring programme, see below, is designed to help you understand 
how to get guidance with respect to how to take your first steps in an 
open source project. You will also find our [get 
involved|http://apache.org/foundation/getinvolved.html] page a uaseful 
starting point.

[1] http://community.apache.org/newbiefaq.html

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