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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tets...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ApacheCon at ASIA
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 04:41:33 GMT

> > If China would be impossible, Tokyo would be also nice.
> > And Bali (near Jakarta) would be attractive. 10th anniversary
> > and Jakarta's 10th anniversary --- "BACK to the FUTURE!"
> CN has proven easier than JP.  Again, this is a list to discuss communities of
> coders.  Not to first propose moneymaking schemes or new conference sites.

About Bali (Near Java, Jakarta) issue, I know intertnational conductors who are
managing the big events at Bali island. 

About the fact of "STRONG YEN" (against EUR, USD - every!) issue, maybe you are
right, Bill. (In this sense, now Seoul is a good place ... Mmmmm)

Korea, the Republic of (Seoul)
China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau)
would be better than Japan maybe and Japanese Companies
can be the sponsors if held there.


> If anyone has a fund raising idea which benefits the ASF, email prc@apache.org.
> If anyone has an tangible conference idea (location/site/hotel/sponsors) please
> contact concom@apache.org - thank you all for helping us brainstorm these!

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