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From Nóirín Shirley <noi...@apache.org>
Subject Apache Retreat in Ireland
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:46:36 GMT
I'm planning to organise an Apache Retreat in Ireland in March/April 2010.

The idea is pretty simple. I'll book a hostel for three nights (Friday
evening to Monday morning). Anyone who's interested can come.

There will be some (possibly rudimentary) internet connectivity. This
event is really about putting names to faces, connecting, talking, a
bit of hacking, and hopefully going home completely psyched about
Apache :-)

Saturday will probably be an "open house" BarCamp. I've been in touch
with local BarCamp organisers, and they have that timeframe in mind
for a BarCamp anyway, so we'll hopefully work together to put on a
BarCamp at the hostel. The rest of the weekend will be free-form/up to
attendees to organise themselves. If people look bored, I can teach
them party games ;-) (Hint: don't look bored!)

Apache community members get first dibs on the accommodation. Other
people who are interested in attending may be asked to contribute
towards the cost of their accommodation. Food and drink costs are up
to the attendees. We can pre-book catering or do a raid on the local
wholesalers for pizza and beer, but we'll sort out the details of that
nearer the time. Travel is also on your own dime.

With all that said, if you think you'd come to this event, please
indicate your preferred date here: http://doodle.com/3hrktyrd34mqv5rf

Please don't vote if you're not planning to attend. If you think
you'll attend but don't have a handle on your schedule just yet,
please put (tentative) after your name :-)

I don't want to spam community@ with too much stuff about one event,
so I've created a Google Groups to co-ordinate this one. Whether or
not you know where you'll be next spring, if you wanna keep up to date
or get more information, you can join at

See you next spring!

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