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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <...@savarese.org>
Subject Re: Topic-based mailing lists
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 00:25:21 GMT

In message <510143ac0903291423n1d11bb44iad0f5859f7e136dd@mail.gmail.com>, Jukka
 Zitting writes:
>rest-interest@, jcr-interest@, build-interest@, etc. Whatever topic
>where two more projects have a shared interest and believe that they
>could benefit from a low volume forum where they could coordinate
>their efforts and exchange experience and code.

I have long thought it would be useful to have topic-oriented mailing
lists at Apache, but not necessarily restricted to the purpose of
inter-project cooperation.

Apache committers represent a large amount of development
expertise, but we have no vehicle for tapping into that expertise
outside of the context of working on a specific Apache project.  The
discussion of more general development topics is considered off-topic
for any particular project list.  For example, a good number of years
ago I wanted to consult fellow Apache committers about techniques for
implementing real-time cross-browser communication (what eventually became
known as comet), but I couldn't post to a project-specific list because
it would have been considered off-topic.  Instead of having an open
technical discussion at Apache that could have led to the creation of
a new incubator project or enhancement of an existing Apache project, I
had closed discussions that led to the development of proprietary

To support both inter-project cooperation and more general
cross-project committer software development discussions, I would
recommend starting with a single general software development discussion
list for committers.  If there's enough traffic of a non-ephemeral nature
on a particular topic (e.g., the osgi, http, rest, etc. examples), then
split it off into a new mailing list.  I think that would provide a medium
for cross-pollination and collaboration while minimizing the risk of
-interest lists becoming desert islands shortly after creation.


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