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From "Ted Husted" <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Community Guidelines (was Code of Conduct)
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2007 14:37:45 GMT
On 7/6/07, J Aaron Farr <farra@apache.org> wrote:
> My concern is only when such documents become additional rules or
> bylaws and individuals start linking to them in their emails as
> justification for why someone has or has not done their duty.  Maybe
> I'm just being picky and overly cautious.

The intent was never to create "additional rules or bylaws" but to
continue to collect, refine, and distill practices which already
exist. As mentioned, most the material on the wiki can be merged into
material that already exists, and the rest fills existing gaps in our

>  * The "Community Guidelines" could be placed at apache.org under "Get
> Involved",  next to the Mailing List page.
>  * The "Example Project Guidelines" could be placed at
> incubator.apache.org under "Other Guides",.
>  * The first part of the "ASF Culture" section could be merged with
> the Philosophy section of "How the ASF Works", with the "ASF Motto"
> section being moved to it's own page, next to the Glossary of
> Apache-Related Terms <http://apache.org/foundation/glossary.html>.

I'd like to make a few minor clarifications in response to the
feedback in this thread, and then move toward integrating this
material into the Apache and Incubator sites, as outlined.


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