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From "Ted Husted" <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Community Guidelines (was Code of Conduct)
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2007 11:59:44 GMT
On 6/30/07, William A. Rowe, Jr. <wrowe@rowe-clan.net> wrote:
> This isn't a Code of Conduct, it's a top-level description of our ethos.

Yes, that's how it turned out. I started out to research a code of
conduct, and came back with a set of community guidelines that
describe how we expect people to behave on our lists. (The context was
hostile behavior, or behavior perceived to be hostile.) Two key points
the community guidelines make is "criticize the code, not the coder",
and "don't feed the trolls". I can remember multiple occasions when
we've had to explain such things to people on different lists, and I
believe it would help to have a cannonical reference.

The example project guidelines and cultural principles were added to
put the draft community guidelines into context. Though, we might not
want to post all three items together as a block.

 * The "Community Guidelines" could be placed at apache.org under "Get
Involved",  next to the Mailing List page.

 * The "Example Project Guidelines" could be placed at
incubator.apache.org under "Other Guides",.

 * The first part of the "ASF Culture" section could be merged with
the Philosophy section of "How the ASF Works", with the "ASF Motto"
section being moved to it's own page, next to the Glossary of
Apache-Related Terms <http://apache.org/foundation/glossary.html>.

> Hell ya.  Let me state that when various leaks of members@ level and
> higher material occurred, I was personally read to pen a resolution to
> expel the idiot with no respect for the foundation.

No need to pen a resolution, all we need is a 2/3's vote.  "Section
4.7. Termination from Membership. No member may have his, her or its
membership terminated except by an affirmative vote of a two-thirds
majority of the members of the corporation."

> But I have no problem with a PMC turning off pmc access, commit access,
> or even un-subbing an obnoxious participant.  We just had to do this at
> the wiki level in httpd.  It happens, solve it, move on.

Since the PMC and its chair serve at the pleasure of the board,
there's nothing in the bylaws about booting someone off a PMC. Though,
I'd hope that we'd look for the same sort of 2/3 super-majority vote
at the PMC level. If we didn't have that degree of consensus, then it
might be better to just reboot the PMC and start over (or not).

Of course, when a resource is public, our only recourse is to shun an
obnoxious participant, since unsubbing someone that obnoxious will
simply encourage more bad behavior under a new email address. We
should try and be sure that our communities understand that "Don't
feed the trolls" does work.


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